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Action Computing make sure of keeping there prices extremely competitive and will work out the best way to hit all of your web design needs and keep your prices down. All of the Packages we offer will include the registration of a web address for example ours "" , a years top quality hosting ( all web sites need to be hosted, hosting is simply the place where your web site is kept with a 24/7 high speed internet connection making it available when someone types your web address or hits a search engine entry at all times) and a on-site SEO ( search engine optimisation). Our prices start at £299 for a website, we do not put in package costs as such as all our web sites are tailored to exactly what you want, for a quotation please click here.

We also offer SEO services (Search Engine Optimisation) which we also offer at extremely competitive prices, please click here or contact us on to find out what we can do for you.

Web Design Explained

Web design consists of many stages the main stages are,

  • Original discussion
  • Physical design
  • Front end development
  • Back end development
  • On-site search engine optimisation
  • Off-site search engine optimisation

These stages will now be explained.

Original Discussion

At this point Action Computing will meet you or phone you depending on your preference and locationand will have a discussion with you to see if you have any particular ideas in mind, we will usually ask you to provide us with a few web sites that you have seen which you particular like so we have a idea which kind of design appeals to you, there are so many different styles which appeal to different people.

Physical Design

The physical design process involves working out a actual appearance for the web site at this point the developer will usually work within a graphics program and the design will simply be a graphic / picture. The physical design stage is basically working out a look for a web site with visual appeal, showing all locations of buttons adverts etc . A recent study by Carleton University in Ottawa revealed that it takes as little as 50 milliseconds for a browser to decide whether they like a site. Bearing this is mind it shows how important it is to have a attractive easy to view and use web site.


What we do, What you do and what you should expect at this stage,


Once Action Computing has a idea of what you want we will get to work in a graphics editor and supply you with a image of what we think you are looking for at this stage you suggest what changes you would like to make or even to create a totally new design, This stage is extremely important and it is very important to get exactly what you want here before we continue to stage three.

Front End Development

This is the stage of the project where the graphic or picture previously designed gets turned into a functioning web site rather than a static picture at the conclusion of this stage the buttons will function, pages will change on clicks and you will see what the web site will actually look like in a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Fire Fox or AOL.


What we do, what you do and what you should expect at this stage,


Usually at this stage Action Computing will convert the image / graphic that you have decided on into a functioning web site usually using dummy text blocks etc and supply you with a temporary internet address to view the functional site on. The next part of this stage involves some work from yourself.


At this Stage Action computing will expect to be supplied with the text, pictures etc that you will be requiring on each page. Pictures are not such a issue as they can be found on online stock photography web sites etc, but the actual text of the web site must be supplied to us as we are experts in our field, but you are the expert in yours.


Once all the text and possibly pictures are received Action Computing will finish the basic web site for you and once again supply you with a temporary web address to view the functioning web site design.

Back End Development

This stage involves the linking to a Database or programming functions that make E-Commerce or forums etc actually work, Putting this stage very basically, if the user of a web site can do something on site that changes its content i.e. a search box or a shopping cart it has some kind of back end system, Action Computing work in HTML JAVA PHP ASP or Cold Fusion, If you are unaware of what these are they are coding languages, you really don't have to worry about understanding these they all work behind the scenes.


What we do, what you do and what you should expect at this stage,


This stage will differ alot depending on what you actually want from your site, If its a E-commerce site then we would expect a list of items for sale, pictures and prices etc. Action Computing will make it simple for you yourself to be able to add products, pictures, change prices etc depending on what system you choose. If its a forum you need we will ask for sections you require etc, again depending on the system you choose you may be able to change these, add categories etc. Even a complicated contact us form may include some back end programming and again sections you want to include will be required. Action Computing will make this step as simple as possible for you and will always be here to answer or clarify any questions you may have.

On-site Search Engine Optimisation

This is one of the most important but still one of the most poorly done or forgotten elements of web design. At this stage the web site is ready to be viewed but can anyone find it? Its all well and good people finding your web site online by entering the web address from a business card or brochure but this is vastly eliminating a huge possible market of online SEARCHERS, Action Computing will manipulate your text and enhance the coding of the site to appeal to all the major search engines to hopefully reach page one rankings in Google etc. This includes a alot of research and practical thinking into key words and subjects that will be searched for and making sure these key words are picked up in your web site.

Off-site Search Engine Optimisation

This is the element of SEO (search engine optimisation) that happens outside of your web site, it basically involves the linking of other web sites to yours and can have a massive effect on your rankings within search engines. Over the time a web site exists it will hopefully sooner or later have allot of other web sites that link to it but you want to kick start this as soon as possible and we will be there to either do this for you / with you, or to point you in the correct direction.





the process of web design explained web design bournemouth portfolio

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